Biotherm – BB Milk Body Milk

BB Milk Body Milk from Biotherm
BB Milk Body Milk from Biotherm

Biotherm launches the first BB Cream for the Body

BB Milk Body Milk

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BB Body Cream – BB Milk Lait Corporel

BB Milk Lait Corporel is an instant beautifying moisturizing milk that enhances your natural tan. It combines the moisturizing power and the fragrance of the legendary body milk associated with micro-pigments of complexion for a sublimated, tanned and embellished body. The skin is unified, the spots and scars are hidden.

BB Milk Lait Corporel is the result of Biotherm research with a new technology: encapsulated micro-pigments. These pigments have the specificity of adapting to the color of the skin for a natural and sublimated result.

Result – BB Milk Body Milk

– Illuminates

– Harmonizes

– Softens

– Gorgeous

– Hydrates 24H

Application advice – BB Milk Lait Corporel

Apply the milk to the parts of your body that you want to brighten up, then let it dry for a few minutes before getting dressed.

Easy to rinse, it is eliminated in the shower.

Do not apply on the face.

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