Iris infusion: the secret jewel of the Prada ladies

Iris infusion: the secret jewel of the Prada ladies
Iris infusion: the secret jewel of the Prada ladies

If the Prada house has officially launched into fine perfumery with Amber pour Femme, it had already tried a few small scented treasures before. Infusion d’Iris, although released in 2007, could be one of them. Intimate and intimate perfume, it offers the Prada universe in a delicate bottle and an intense and divine fragrance straight from a Pallida iris at the quintessence of its beauty. Infusion d’Iris or the Italian dream in perfume

Infusion d’Iris or the art of beauty according to Prada …

Miuccia Prada is precisely the kind of woman who exalts both the values ​​of a past rich in history and know-how but also of a future strong in innovations and discoveries. Prada fragrances are precisely built around these two temporal axes  : one turned towards the prestigious past of the house opened in 1906 by Mario Prada, the other towards brilliant novelties that the designer never ceases to imagine.

It is out of love for these modern times mixed with delicacy with the past that Miuccia Prada and Daniela Andrieux developed the excellent composition of Infusion d’Iris. Infusion d’Iris is like a timeless drop of gold that lands on the necks of women (and men for that matter) to offer them the finest of perfumery. With grace and elegance, but without flashy advertising or bombastic communication.

“I am indeed at the antipodes of a rowdy perfumery. There are so many clichés in this universe. I don’t believe that all women want to wear a sexy fragrance or perfume the gourmet caramel. »Affirms Daniela Andrieux for Infusion d’Iris in Le Figaro Madame.

It is precisely in a film and a visual proposed by the great photographer Steven Meisel that the young muse of Infusion d’Iris (played by Lara Stone) will evolve in a black and white baroque setting where only her extraordinary femininity will be highlighted. before, besides the scent of course.

The chic floral that whispers Italian luxury to our noses: Infusion d’Iris

Infusion of Iris is a magic potion which is whispered much more than it does panic the nostrils. Logically, therefore, the bottle of this very first bottle in the Les Infusions collection will be sober and classic. As for the steel plate illustrated with the engraved letters “Prada. Milano. Dal 1913 ”it refers with originality to the old bottles and to the first letters that the grandfather Mario Prada made affixed for his label.

Infusion of Iris, delicately blown through the nose of Daniela Andrieux, opens with a citrus and tonic opening of mandarin and orange accompanied by the opulent and benevolent presence of neroli flower. At the heart, vetiverse, cedars and incense bring their woody and smoky tones to the queen well powdery of this perfume, the Iris Pallida of Florence. Finally benzoin and olibanum will offer sensual and gourmet depths to the queen of Italian flowers.

“A perfume [Infusion d’Iris] composed of familiar scents, natural oils and high quality extracts which rather reveals its identity through a contrast between a great freshness, an apparent lightness and a tender, sensual veil. and powerful… ”Daniela Andrieux, Infusion d’Iris de Prada nose.