The fragrance of Azzaro’s Wanted perfume

The fragrance of Azzaro's Wanted perfume
The fragrance of Azzaro’s Wanted perfume

Since its creation, the Azzaro brand has displayed an extraordinary sense of detail and perfection. Each of his creations is particularly successful and is worth him to last over time. Moreover, men seem to forever appreciate the timeless scent of the famous Azzaro pour Homme. So what about the fragrance of Azzaro’s new Wanted Eau de Toilette ? This one is signed by the talented perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin and displays multiple facets for a most mysterious and sensual rendering.

The talent of perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin at the service of the Azzaro brand

If Azzaro called on Fabrice Pellegrin to develop his new perfume , it is quite simply because he is one of the most famous noses of the moment. He was born in Grasse and is the son of a perfumer. Moreover, her grandmother herself loved to pick jasmine and her grandfather worked daily to produce this raw material. Also, it is through contact with people that Fabrice Pellegrin was trained.

He says in particular that he learned a lot from the talented Jacques Cavalier. He has spent years observing all the stages crossed by raw materials as they go through their journey. This is how he has shared his time for 15 years between Paris and the olfactory research laboratories of Grasse. What is more, this enthusiast very often intervenes in local perfume schools to talk about his profession. Transmission is for him the source of true fulfillment. Moreover, being able to share his scents sounds like a blessing to him.

He nevertheless explains that “we do not have the truth. In our business, luck really has its place, he says. Sometimes we create too early. So there is an element of chance, a matter of timing. Still, it looks like Wanted has arrived just in time. This one has barely seen the light of day when it is already described as being an exceptional juice.

The complex masculinity of the Wanted fragrance

Also, if Wanted is so popular, it is because it contains many facets on its own. It begins with a fresh and invigorating combination of lemon and ginger. Lemon, a typically Italian ingredient and a nod to Loris Azzaro’s native land, reveals its rising liveliness here.

Ginger, meanwhile, makes the whole particularly aphrodisiac. He thus makes Wanted a seducer at heart. Then, the core of this essence remains just as energizing. Cardamom releases its euphoric and citrus tones. Its camphorated appearance is associated with cade wood for a more virile finish. In the same way, this one is worked in a pyrogenic way and makes the whole more warm. Finally, it is at its core that Wanted displays all its virility. This is especially full of vetiver, a typical ingredient in men’s perfumery. The whole is nevertheless softened with a touch of tonka bean for a most sensual and addictive result.