Y Le Perfume, the new masculine power of Yves Saint-Laurent

Y Le Perfume, the new masculine power of Yves Saint-Laurent

In 2017, the Yves Saint-Laurent house decided to dedicate a perfume to Generation Y, that of all the young people building the world of tomorrow. She then gave a very symbolic name to her fragrance: Y, referring in passing to the first name of the brand’s creator. Since its release, Y has been widely talked about and has already been reinvented several times, going from an Eau de Toilette to Eau de Parfum or even to an Eau Fraiche. Even today, Yves Saint-Laurent repeats the experience and unveils Y Le Perfume, a concentrate of masculinity, endowed with a new intensity.

Y Le Perfume, a dark bottle to embody power

Y Le Parfum comes in the same bottle as its predecessors. Its shape remains unchanged and it is still a glass monolith synonymous with purity and modernity. To register its name, the Yves Saint-Laurent house has imagined a Y-shaped metal notch. Here, it darkens and now rubs against a new black and satin lacquer, as dark as it is shimmering. This new shade is the pledge of the new power of the Yves Saint-Laurent man. She alone suggests that this new juice becomes more intense. However, the bottle of Y Le Parfum preserves a very elegant and luxurious side.

Y Le Perfume, an oriental and woody fern

On the scent side, Y Le Parfum by Yves Saint-Laurent reappropriates the main ingredients of its elders, while daring a more aromatic, fresher and more sensual touch. In other words, it looks like them… The intensity and more! At first, it is embellished with a powerful and zesty freshness, composed of grapefruit and aldehydes. The apple, for its part, accentuates its fruity and crunchy side, while marrying with a peppery ginger and aphrodisiac. The aromatic facet of Y Le Parfum by Yves Saint-Laurent, for its part, appears in its heart, by combining ingredients widely used in male perfumery, such as sage, lavender or geranium. Little by little, Y Le Parfum reveals its darker personality in its wake. More woody, powerful and sweet at the same time, it associates cedar, tonka bean and patchouli.

A perfume embodied on screen by Lenny Kravitz

Since it is a question of portraying us the portrait of a daring, charismatic and ambitious man, Yves Saint-Laurent appealed to a muse of choice. At 56, Lenny Kravitz lends his image to the Yves Saint-Laurent brand. Its rock side and its intergenerational notoriety make it an indisputable symbol of success, sticking perfectly to the spirit of this new perfume. A sort of ideal for men to achieve and a true fantasy for women, Lenny Kravitz has never hidden his determination. Much more than a simple guitarist and singer, he is a true icon! He therefore carries the message of Y Le Parfum d’Yves Saint-Laurent better than anyone .